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AirSensa is a growing eco-tech business that installs air pollution sensors across entire cities and urban areas, allowing local authorities to generate actionable, real-time reports on pollution levels.


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AirSensa Ltd
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AirSensa Ltd is a UK-based technology company with a mission: to provide governments and organizations with real-time, high-quality, hyper-localized air pollution data. This data helps us tackle one of the most pressing environmental and health problems we face today. By developing powerful, compact monitoring devices to measure pollutants and linking them via their STORRM software platform, AirSensa are looking to provide authorities the data they need to address a problem that costs 40,000 lives per year in the UK alone. AirSensa's technology makes the measurement, collection and analysis of air quality data across entire cities and urban areas possible for the very first time – in real time. 

AirSensa have signed an agreement in principle with Transport for Greater Manchester to commence the establishment of the first city demonstration mesh in 2018, and are in advanced discussions with authorities in other major cities in the UK and boroughs of London, as well as in Germany and the USA. 

The AirSensa bond will fund the manufacture of sensors. The data that the sensors produce and the sensors themselves are owned by AirSensa Ltd, which will use the income generated therefrom to pay bondholder interest. To find out more about the bond details, AirSensa's innovative technology, the people behind the bond and the risks in this type of investment, download the invitation document, below. Go to the AirSensa Website
The genesis of AirSensa happened in 2010 when Jonathan Steel heard a senior official from the Greater London Authority speak at a conference about thousands of people dying early in London as a result of poor air quality. He was shocked that such a problem on such a scale existed, and that so few people knew about it. In response, and after conducting over a year of research into the issue, Jonathan founded a non-profit called Deliver Change in 2012 and kicked off the AirSensa project soon after. Using a combination of founder investment, donations, and (later) air quality monitor sales, Deliver Change worked on building a solution, culminating in an 18-month pilot in London from 2015-2017 to demonstrate how deploying many low-cost sensors could develop a picture of air pollution much more refined than current models used in cities around the world, and why continuous, real-time, hyper-local monitoring is so important to understanding, avoiding, and mitigating air pollution. Since the “dieselgate” scandal broke in 2016, air quality has gained a far higher profile in the media, and among the general public.  It has therefore been possible to construct a commercially viable approach to deploying AirSensa technologies on a far larger scale, which a non-profit or grant-supported project could never hope to do.  AirSensa was therefore created as a commercial organisation in 2018 to focus on a simple mission – to create accurate hyper-local air pollution data, and therefore to address the enormous health and economic impacts of poor air quality, in every city in the world.