Your capital is at risk and investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

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Your capital is at risk and investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

This document is displayed for information purposes only. All parties considering investing with Crowdfunds must first register on the Crowdfunds platform and determine that they meet our investor eligiblity requirements.

This document is displayed for information purposes only. All parties considering investing with Crowdfunds must first register on the Crowdfunds platform and determine that they meet our investor eligiblity requirements.

Under FCA regulations, firms are only allowed to promote illiquid securities to particular types of experienced or sophisticated investors, or ordinary investors who confirm that they will not invest more than 10% of their net investable assests in investments sold via investment-based crowdfunding platforms. If you are not a certified high net worth investor, a certified sophisticated investor or a self-certified sophisticated investor as described in FCA Conduct of Business Sourcebook (COBS) 4.7.9, or certified restricted investor as defined in COBS 4.7.10, you are not eligible to invest in this product and hence this communication is not directed at you.

Earn a targeted
Due 2024
Backed by UK Property
Paid Quarterly
Qualifies for tax-free IFISA*
Benefit from a proven approach to commercial-to-residential property conversion and join an experienced team that has never lost money on a project.
Tax status is dependent on individual circumstances and subject to change in the future.
Ocea Bonds is your opportunity to benefit from exposure to property markets in the South of England and from the experience of an established property company that has purchased or developed 19 properties, with a gross development value in excess of £100m.

Ocea has received the backing of established institutional investors
Making the most of government legislation that decreases timescales and increases profitability for commercial-to-residential conversions.

The UK government’s Prior Approval scheme means that commercial-to-residential property conversions no longer need to go through the full planning process to be approved by local councils.

This has created an excellent market opportunity for Ocea to create high-quality, low-cost housing that meets the needs of the UK’s growing first-time buyers market.

Join a team of industry-leading experts that have never lost money on a development project.

Ocea wrote the book on commercial-to-residential property conversion. Glenn Delve, founder and Managing Director of Ocea co-wrote ‘Commercial Property Conversions’ and is a regular speaker at property development events.

Alongside his business partner Justine Curtis, Glenn also developed the Take AIM Mastermind programme to enable budding property developers to share in their success.

With Ocea Bonds they are offering the same opportunity to investors who pass the Crowdfunds suitability assessment.

Ocea Bonds offers a targeted, property-backed 6.85% p.a. return for 5 years.

An investment of £10,000 could yield a gross return of almost £3,500 over the 5 year term of the Bonds (tax-free if invested through the Crowdfunds IFISA). All investments in Ocea Bonds are backed by property in the South of England.

Security is provided by a first debenture over all assets of Ocea Group including its current and future property portfolio. Each project will be held within a wholly-owned subsidiary, meaning that Ocea Bonds investors are not solely exposed to the risk of any individual development.

To further prove the sturdiness of the model Ocea will invest its own capital alongside funds raised via Ocea Bonds.

To find out more about the business, the offer, how to invest, and the risks download the Ocea Bonds Investor Document.

We will continue to invest with Glenn and Justine and feel privileged to be part of their investment program
“We attended Glenn’s commercial conversion mentoring program and were hugely impressed with his expertise, his attention to detail, his creativity and his and ability to get the maximum benefit from any conversion. We are relatively risk-averse investors and have invested with Glenn and Justine with complete confidence and watching the process evolve has only increased our confidence. We will continue to invest with Glenn and Justine and feel privileged to be part of their investment program”
Properties sourced by Ocea have strong financials and offer great returns
“I have confidently invested in property developments with Glenn and Justine for over 5 years now. Due to my trust in their professionalism I have increased my invested funds from £60k to over £4m. Their attention to detail and market knowledge gives me faith in the security of these investments. Properties sourced by Ocea have strong financials and offer great returns, which is why I continue to invest with them.”
Meet the Management Team behind Ocea

After leaving the RAF, Glenn achieved success in turning around a struggling golf retail business. This led to Glenn being approached by The Rose Bowl, the home of Hampshire Cricket (now The Ageas Bowl). They had aspirations to develop the site by adding a golf course and destination hotel. As Managing Director, Glenn managed the £50million development project, transforming a county level cricket ground into an international sporting, conference and leisure venue with an 18-hole golf course, 2 new spectator stands and a 175-bed pitch-side Hilton Hotel.

It was the Rose Bowl Plc project together with the redevelopment of his family home, that inspired Glenn to focus on property development and to set up his own property development company.

Since 2013, Glenn Delve has established several SPV’s and entered into a number of JV’s with HNWIs to focus on the market opportunity granted by Prior Approval Permitted Development Rights. Glenn and the team at Ocea Group concentrate primarily on converting office buildings into residential apartments.


Justine specialises in commercial to residential property conversions, primarily office buildings into residential apartments under Prior Approval Permitted Development Rights.

As a successful entrepreneur, Justine has founded and developed training organizations and mentoring programs, helping individuals build their own companies and franchises in the area of remote office services and virtual administration.

With several joint commercial conversions under their belt, Justine and Glenn now mentor other aspiring property developers as part of their Take AIM Mastermind program, and together they support the Progressive Property “Commercial Property Masterclass” which is held in Peterborough.

Frequently Asked Questions
What could I be earning over the next 5 years?
Ocea Bonds offers a 6.85% per annum rate of return, paid quarterly and backed by UK property. The table below gives some examples of the amount you could earn over the next 5 years tax-free. You will begin to earn interest from the date your investment is accepted.
Investment amount Gross Interest per Quarter Gross Interest per Annum Gross Interest over 5 Years
The table assumes Lenders receive gross income. Lenders should seek their own advice concerning their tax status and the benefits of using an IFISA. Please remember your capital and income is at risk so we would strongly advise Lenders seeks independent financial advice.
Ocea Bonds are generally suitable for self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) subject to approval by the scheme trustees and administrators. Ocea Bonds are also suitable for Small Self Adminstered Schemes (SSAS) should a SSAS provider choose to accept the Bonds. Non-listed corporate bonds (such as Ocea Bonds) may be wrapped in what’s known as an Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA). IFISAs may have some tax advantages but investing in the Ocea Bonds carries a risk of capital loss.
Whilst interest payments are not guaranteed, Ocea is a very well capitalised business and ensures it has enough cash in its bank account to cover interest payments due for a number of months in advance. In the unlikely event that a quarterly interest payment is missed, then Ocea will look to make that payment in the future.
Payments of interest to individual investors will be made after deducting tax equivalent to the UK basic rate of Income Tax (currently 20%) which we pay to HM Revenue & Customs. The exception to this requirement is where interest is paid to investors who hold bonds within an IFISA, in which case interest can be paid without deduction of tax. However it remains your responsibility to declare any interest paid and account for any additional tax that may be due to the appropriate tax authorities.
No, it is highly unlikely that there will be any correlation that is not statistically coincidental.
The Bonds have a fixed term and are not readily transferable. If you find a willing buyer, the Bonds are transferable provided that the age and status of the transferee is approved by Crowdfunds and subject to Crowdfunds’ Terms and Conditions.

Investors’ money will be used by the Company to carry out property redevelopments as outlined in this Invitation Document.
Any capital yet to be deployed will be held in the Company’s bank deposit account.

All investment involves risk.  Property redevelopment tends to be a high margin business and  Ocea Bonds have been designed to further mitigate risk in the following way:

1.    Ocea Bonds are backed by a portfolio of UK property developments,
2.    Bondholders benefit from a debenture over all the assets of Ocea Group Limited,
3.    This includes all Ocea’s property developments as they are either wholly or part owned by Ocea, and
4.    In this way, Bondholders’ investments are secured by a portfolio of properties, not solely to an individual development.
A Security Trustee is appointed to act on behalf of Bondholders if the Company defaults. The appointed Security Trustee is STOA Financial Limited. This is a business affiliated with but independent of Crowdfunds which has experience in the management of bonds.

This does not mean that investments are safe or guaranteed.  Investors will only receive their investment back if the Company has assets to realise in the event of default.
The Company believes it can successfully and promptly deploy a minimum of £300,000 and a maximum of £5 million depending on demand.
If you have a question that has not been answered in FAQ section or in the Invitation Document, you can contact Crowdfunds at or by telephone on 020 3930 8112.

Like everything surrounding Brexit, forecasting is difficult.  However;

1.    Whatever form of Brexit is eventually agreed upon, in our opinion the UK Government is likely to release funds into key sectors of the UK economy in order to boost economic growth.
2.    Housing will likely be a key sector.
3.    At the same time, we believe the Government (of whatever hue) is likely to target housing due to the ‘crisis’ in UK housing that has bedeviled successive governments.
4.    Affordable housing is likely to be a centrepiece of this initiative.
5.    A number of industry experts have concluded that both Prior Approval and Help-to-Buy will be expanded.