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Sunny Day Films is a music documentary production company, backed by former ‘Yes’ frontman, Rick Wakeman. Sunny Day Films will create and sell music documentaries to US streaming services and global television networks.


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Both television and music sectors have changed dramatically in recent years.

Record companies and artists now recognize that with scores of new streaming services emerging on the market, they can market their material to a much wider audience.

On the other hand, the entry into the global market by Amazon and Netflix has led to a renewed acquisition offensive by the incumbent television networks. In the UK, this is exhibited by the recent launch of the new Sky channels, including Sky Arts, Sky Independent Movies and other nice offerings.
  SDF will position itself to take advantage of these trends. With a well known popular  musician on side in Rick Wakeman, Sunny Day Films is able to approach a vast array of different artists, and can position itself to sell its programs to television networks in addition to its main focus: US streaming sites.

Productions are normally pre-commissioned by broadcasters, with production costs for a 30-minute documentary typically between £75,000 and £90,000 and margins typically range between 30% and 50%.