Posted on 13/07/2018 16:00:08
AirSensa Limited is a UK-based technology company with a mission: to provide governments and organizations with real-time, high-quality, hyper-localized air pollution data  

Today they launch the AirSensa Bond in partnership with Maitland-Smith Crowdfunds. AirSensa aims to raise £2.5 million and the data their technology produces will help governments and private industry tackle one of the most pressing environmental and health issues of our time – air pollution.  
Air pollution is the largest killer in the UK after smoking and is responsible for the early deaths of over 40,000 people every year in the UK alone. Sadiq Kahn has labelled London’s pollution crisis “a shameful scandal that has been ignored for too long”.   

Although governments and councils are waking up to the problem, they have so far found themselves unable to acquire data that is precise enough to be actionable. It is only with precise measurement systems that effectively understanding, mitigating and addressing air pollution can begin.

This is where AirSensa comes in. 

By deploying thousands of monitoring units across entire cities and urban environments, and linking them together with their STORRM software platform, AirSensa is able to provide governments, councils and private industry with the data they’ve been looking for. The resulting ‘sensor mesh’ detects trends and shifts in air pollution levels across much smaller distances and periods of time than is currently possible.   

The AirSensa Bond will fund the installation and management of sensor meshes in major UK cities and will generate sales of monitoring units and data.  Over the past 18 months, AirSensa has completed pilot projects that have proven its technology; there are already monitoring units operating in London at the Wellcome Trust and at schools in Oxford as well as other locations delivering data to the STORRM platform. AirSensa has agreed in principle to collaborate with Transport for Greater Manchester to commence the establishment of the first city-scale mesh in 2018, and is in advanced discussions with local authorities and business partners in London, Birmingham, Los Angeles and Germany.    

“By funding air sensor trial meshes across four cities, investors are joining our mission to ensure our children and grandchildren can breathe better quality air and lead healthier lives.” Jonathon Steel, AirSensa CEO